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Students of the month exemplify being SAFE, RESPONSIBLE and RESPECTFUL!



January 2017 Students of the Month

Paulina Murillo – Pre-kindergarten
Paulina  has shown dramatic improvement academically as a result of hard work at home and at school. She sits still in Circle Time and is ready to answer questions in class. She patiently waits for directions from the teacher when it is time to change from one activity to another. She is a prime example of how one can go far by listening, following directions and working hard. Congratulations, Paulina! I am eager to see how many more great accomplishments you are going make this school year. 

Maximo Luis – Kindergarten
Maximo is  a happy, kind, hard working young man.  Maximo comes to school every day very eager to learn new things. He is enjoying reading his Superkid books.  He is a good friend to his classmates and teachers. He is a delight to have in our class.  

Kiyah McBride - First Grade
Kiyah is a new first grade student this year at All Saints, but has quickly forged close friendships and demonstrates her ability to be safe, respectful, and responsible on a daily basis.  She is kind to those around her, is well mannered, and she is always on the lookout for anyone who might look sad and need a little comforting.  She also adds intuitive responses to our daily class discussions and is a joyful student.  

Christian Frazier - Second Grade
Christian is new to All Saints this year and has truly been a blessing to our school. He works hard in class each day. He is respectful and always polite to others. He is responsible and regularly practices safe behaviors. Christian truly reflects the ideologies instilled by All Saints. He has been such a pleasant student to work with so far this year, and we are excited to see what the rest of the year brings. Christian is an asset to the second grade classroom.  

Makayla Terry - Third Grade
Makayla always has a positive attitude, and she truly lives our core values every day. She is quick to smile, often helping another student even when she is not asked. Makayla is an exemplary student with genuine curiosity about nature. She finds bugs fascinating, and is always exploring the natural world. Keep up the great work Makayla! 

Kendrick Matheny - Fourth Grade
Kendrick is an awesome kid. He aspires to one day be a priest and has the nickname, “Father Matheny,” in our class. He is full of thoughtful ideas and loves to share his experiences with the class. If you ever are in need of a good laugh, Kendrick will be there with a witty joke.  

Maya Wingold - Fifth Grade
Maya consistently works hard on academics and she is actively involved in the All Saints family.  She is always on task, enjoys learning something new, and enjoys a good debate about current events. She loves adventure, fantasy and mystery. Maya also enjoys writing and has written several poems and short stories.  Her friends admire her TAG day outfit designs.  She is respectful, helpful, responsible and very creative. Maya plays the cello for the Richmond Youth Orchestra Program and plays volleyball with the Richmond Volleyball Club.  She sings soprano in the ASCS Choir and is involved in the Amazing Knights Lego Robotics Team, Library Club, Drama Club, and Environmental Action Club.  Maya is often found helping a PK or kindergarten student.  We are so proud of Maya as a role model here at All Saints!

Mayzie Thomas-Garber- Sixth Grade
Throughout the school year, Mayzie has regularly demonstrated what it means to be an All Saints student, in every sense of the word. In the classroom, she has submitted her best work on assignments and aided classmates who are struggling with a particular question or problem. Her grades reflect her consistently strong effort in all subjects. Additionally, Mayzie has demonstrated what it means to be a safe, responsible, and reliable student, earning Outstanding Citizenship Awards for both of the first two quarters. She regularly demonstrates all aspects of the middle school HABITS positive behavior program, earning points for each of the six major categories each week. Congratulations Mayzie on earning Student of the Month and keep up the fantastic work! 

Sophia Candler - Seventh Grade
When Sophia Candler comes to class, she brings "fun" with her!  Sophia is smart and silly, playful yet hard-working, and very motivated to improve academically.  She consistently demonstrates the ability to be safe, responsible, and respectful in each aspect of her ASCS life, and it is much appreciated by her teachers and peers. 

Zara Thornton- Eighth Grade
Zara is our 8th grade Student of the Month for January for her many contributions to the All Saints community. In class, Zara is an engaged and diligent student who is always willing to answer questions or help out a classmate in need. Not only is she a great student, but she is also an integral member of and leader in the House of St. Catherine of Siena. Her help in preparing our video for Catholic Schools Week and the positive example that she sets for the younger students every day is greatly appreciated. Additionally, Zara is also involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities, engaging her athletic side on the soccer field, her artistic side with Drama Club and choir, and her academic side with the Lego Robotics team. We are blessed to have such a great model of safe, responsible, and respectful behavior here at All Saints!  


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