Dedicate a prayer pinwheel in honor of someone affected by COVID-19

In an effort to provide a visual representation of love and support during this pandemic, All Saints is creating a prayer pinwheel garden to honor those affected by COVID-19. All Saints family and friends are encouraged to dedicate a pinwheel by completing the form below. Pinwheels will be placed on All Saints’ grounds. A list, updated daily, of those who are honored, by whom and any short notes will be posted below.

Pinwheel Designation

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Jeff Alyssa & Abbey a prayer for your safety as you continue to work as essential personnel
Amelia Cole Michael Kelleher My “cousin” and my mom’s best friend for 50 years. Died of Covid-19 on April 8, 2020.
Shelley Mary Davison For my cousin’s safety as she is helping to administer tests in FL to those suffering from illness.
The ASCS Families, Parents, and Students Carmen Murph May Our Heavenly Father continue to bless us and keep us safe always
Any and all nurses who have lost their lives while courageously caring for covid patients Angie
Xavier Cash Mom essential personnel MCV
Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center    Carolyn Chambers In honor of the residents/staff who participated faithfully in my church’s monthly 3rd Saturday services there.
Kara Cobb Dorothy Smith Kara thank you for all you do for your patients. I pray for your continued safety and for the safety of all essential personnel.
Doug Hostetler Valerie Mack Doug is recovering and out of the hospital. Pray for his full recovery!
Gabe Henderson Michael Kelleher Gabe Henderson volunteered at All Saints clean-up day on July 20, 2019. Condolences to the Deep Run Football Team & High School community. Thank you, Gabe!
Rhoda Diles Miles McCarther My grandpa’s sister. Died of Covid-19 on April 3, 2020.
Bill Frazier Ian Frazier and family Great-Uncle Bill was a WWII veteran and war hero who sadly lost his life in March due to complications from corona virus. He fought to protect our country and to free the world from the evils of fascism when he was only a teenager, and lived for over 70 years with the horrors he had witnessed. We pray that he will continue to watch over our nation and leaders as he finds healing with God.
Dr.Lorna Breen, VCU Alum, NY Dr. Valerie Mack RIP, News of her death devastating. Then, learned she was recovering at “home” in VA from CV-19 & VCU alum
Housekeeping staff at Beth Shalom (and all health care facilities) Amanda Buckley
All nurses in the All Saints Family In honor of Nurses Week
Delores Mae Deloatch Mary & Mone’ Walker We will forever love and miss you!
Our nation’s essential workers Noah Brown and family
Essential workers- Thank You!! Angie PK, c/o 1986
All Staff at All Saints Sheila and Tanique Williams Thank you for your understanding, support and patients during time. Bless you all for going an extra mile!
All front line workers Evans’ Family Please pray for protection each day as they work for the goodness of our country.
The frontline workers Sandra Brady I appreciate the risk you take daily. I pray that God will keep you safe.
Melissa Bowles aka BIFF Valerie Mack Our family friend Melissa/Biff is currently in the hospital and diagnosed with CV. She has other health issues and a single mom to two boys.

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