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All Saints is a Catholic school of high moral expectations and academic rigor.  We offer a quality junior-kindergarten through eighth grade education in an affirming, family-like atmosphere.  We are a Christ-centered and inclusive community that values safety and gives all students what they need to succeed.

VISION: What We Will Become

All Saints Catholic School aspires to be the model faith-based school across the Richmond region preparing a culturally and socio-economically diverse student body to become the best version of themselves.   Graduates will be recognized for both their academic excellence as well as their moral character.  All members of the All Saints family will have the necessary resources to express their talents and advance their collective dreams for a better world.

TAGLINE: Educating Future Leaders

All Saints aspires to educate the future leaders of our world.


  • We celebrate the love of God, self, and neighbor; living, teaching, and sharing the Gospel message through daily prayers, religious studies, and activities, infusing students with Catholic values and traditions of love, patience, and respect.
  • We create a supportive, caring, and nurturing atmosphere, which challenges and enables each student to reach his/her potential by:
    • Building on individual strengths
    • Developing problem solving skills through critical and analytical thinking
    • Providing resources and activities which foster spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and social growth
  • We acknowledge and encourage the diversity of cultures and creeds in an effort to foster acceptance and respect for individual differences.
  • We involve students, teachers, and parents in the stewardship of environmental, personal, human, and global resources.
  • We develop well-informed and conscientious students able to face the moral dilemmas and often difficult issues that will arise in their lives.


Christ Centered:

  • Demonstrating and modeling Catholic Christian values, including respect and forgiveness for self and others
  • Forming a Christian conscience, evaluating moral choices based on the church’s teachings
  • Responding to the needs of others in service with a compassionate and empathetic spirit
  • Exhibiting basic knowledge of Catholic beliefs, prayer, scripture and social justice teaching
  • Committed to justice, peace and the sacredness of human life

Academically Strong and well-prepared for high school:

  • Expressing themselves clearly in speaking and writing
  • Striving for personal best
  • Using technology as an educational tool, media device and communication tool
  • Possessing a strong foundation in all areas of study
  • Thinking creatively and independently


  • Promoting community spirit, service, pride, and patriotism
  • Appreciating diversity and individual differences
  • Performing acts of charity
  • Respecting the natural environment


  • Honest and responsible for their actions
  • Demonstrating leadership skills confidently, as positive role models and agents of positive change
  • Exhibiting integrity, honesty, and confidence
  • Standing up to peer pressure
  • Aware of the problems of others and willing to help


All Saints School came into existence in 1982, a merger between St. Elizabeth Parish School and St. Paul’s Parish School. The present building was at one time St. Paul’s School. In 2004, St. Patrick’s merged into All Saints School. Van de Vyver school served students for 50+ years from 1910 to 1969. Some of its families’ subsequent generations have gone on to attend All Saints.

For a combined total of 300 years these four parish schools equipped thousands of young people with the best tools possible to prepare them for their future role as faithful Christians, responsible citizens, productive professionals and caring employees. All Saints is proud to continue this tradition.


  • 1866:  St. Patrick’s School – Church Hill – Opened/staffed by the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent De Paul
  • 1910: Van de Vyver School of Richmond opened
  • 1923: St. Paul’s School – North Avenue – Opened/staffed by the Sisters from Order of St. Benedict
  • 1926:  St. Paul’s School – moved to Fendall Avenue
  • 1930:  St. Elizabeth’s School – Highland Park – Opened/staffed by the Daughters of Charity
  • 1936:  St. Elizabeth’s School – Closed the first time
  • 1948:  St. Elizabeth’s School – Reopened/staffed by the Sisters of Mercy from Pennsylvania
  • 1967:  St. Paul’s School – Moved to Noble Avenue in Ginter Park continued to be staffed by the Sisters OSB
  • 1969: Van de Vyver School closed
  • 1977:  St. Paul’s School – No longer staffed by Sisters OSB
  • September 7, 1982: – All Saints Catholic School – Merger of St. Elizabeth & St. Paul’s Schools Staffed by the Sisters of Mercy – Principal Sister Betty Pflieger
  • 1988: All Saints Catholic School Principal – Sister Janet Delperdang, Sinsinawa Dominican
  • 1996: All Saints Catholic School Principal – Ken Soistman, first lay principal and is no longer staffed by Nuns
  • 2004:  St. Patrick’s School merges with All Saints Catholic School
  • 2009:  First set of students from Segura Educational Initiative for Children for Hispanic Catholic families enrolled at All Saints
  • August 27, 2019: All Saints receives $1 million dollar gift from Weinstein Properties for the carport build-out
  • November 1, 2019: All Saints Day Ground-breaking ceremony for carport build-out
  • June 2021: Campus expansion complete
  • November 1, 2021: All Saints Day Dedication and Ribbon-Cutting
  • April 26, 2022: All Saints receives Grace E. Harris Leadership Award from VCU Wilder School, Excellence in VA Government Awards

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