Students of the Month

Congratulations September 2017 Students of the Month!

Patrick Ellis – Pre-Kindergarten

Patrick’s manners are impeccable.  He looks at the teachers when they speak.  He asks for permission if he needs to bring something to his seat.  He quietly lets teachers know if he sees his classmates need help without disturbing the class.  He is friendly and respectful not only to his teachers but to his peers.  His smiles and hugs brighten the day. He plays when it is time to play and works when it is time to work.  He consistently follows the rules, thus, laying the foundation for success in school and in life.

Stephanie Barrera – Kindergarten

Stephanie displays good manners and listening skills every single day, whether it’s in class, the cafeteria, or during resource classes.  Stephanie completes her work to the best of her ability and is always a good friend to others.  She is a great role model for other friends in her classroom.  Stephanie only started learning English last year, but you wouldn’t know it as she is a great conversationalist!  We are proud of Stephanie for all of her good work and look forward to working with her at All Saints.

Roman Dorsey  – First Grade

Roman is very respectful to others, always using good manners and raising his hand to be called on during class discussions.  He has demonstrated safe hallway procedures, and has even helped several hurt friends on the blacktop during recess.  He speaks kindly to his classmates and teachers.  Roman consistently demonstrates his ability to make safe, respectful, and responsible choices in and out of the classroom.

Kiyah McBride – Second Grade

Kiyah is being recognized for her citizenship in the classroom. She demonstrates all of the values we take pride in at All Saints. She models respect for her peers when she is following directions and on task. She exhibits responsibility when she shows that she is great listener in class. She always contributes to class discussions and has such an insightful, sensitive point of view of the stories we share together. Kiyah models safety in our classroom by following procedures that keep everyone unharmed.  Kiyah is always sensitive to the feelings of others and testifies her faith singing joyfully during Mass and sharing her love of the Lord in class.

Haddie Marshall – Third Grade

Haddie is a new student to All Saints this year. Although she is just being introduced to our core values, she lives them every day. Haddie is often the first student ready for class and always has her hand in the air to answer. She is kind and respectful to her classmates and teachers. Whenever Haddie finds a free moment, she dives into a book! She is an excellent role model for her peers. Keep up the great work Haddie!

Corbin Matthews – Fourth Grade

Corbin is being recognized for his attentiveness to his classroom duties. Each day he comes to class prepared to help with whatever needs to be done in class whether that’s helping pass out hand sanitizer before lunch or helping pass out chrome books when one of the monitors is absent. Corbin never lets his job interfere with his class work and works hard each day to complete his assignments, participate in discussions and complete his homework. Often Corbin makes a plan ahead of time when there is a schedule change to make sure it doesn’t keep him from completing his job. Corbin consistently demonstrates Christ-centered character, respect and responsibility.

Jadira  Jones – Fifth Grade

Jadira is a welcome addition to this year’s fifth grade class. She is a bright, respectful and well-behaved young lady. Academically, she is very hard-working and can be counted on to complete and turn in assignments on time. Jadira is cooperative and helpful in class and has no hesitation when it comes to putting others first. Jadira is a member of the All Saints Choir and a new acolyte as well.  Welcome to All Saints Jadira. Continue to let your light shine!

Aidan  Candler – Sixth Grade

Aidan is being recognized for respectful behavior, hard work, and a willingness to help others. He completes all his homework, and he comes prepared to class every day.  He sets a good example for his peers by being a good listener and following instructions. During class, Aidan asks relevant questions to deepen his understanding of the material and to further the knowledge of his classmates. He is motivated and excited to learn, which is apparent in his active participation, his cheerful attitude, and his eagerness to partner with anyone in the class. Aidan consistently demonstrates Christ-centered character, respect and responsibility.

Brielle Telfair – Seventh Grade

Brielle is our 7th Grade Student of the Month for her consistently safe, responsible, respectful, and Christ-centered behavior. Brielle consistently comes to class prepared and ready to learn. Not only is she a great student, but she is also a great classmate, working well in groups and helping her peers as needed. She also showed off her strong teamwork skills during our field trip to the Challenge Discovery ropes course as she cheered on her classmates throughout the entire course. Brielle’s talents extend beyond the classroom as she can often be found carrying around her ukulele. We are very lucky to have Brielle as part of our ASCS family!

Addison Grant – Eighth Grade

Addy is being recognized for her academic excellence and leadership in the classroom and throughout the All Saints community. She comes to class prepared everyday with her assignments and willingly provides responses and questions. When others are in need of help, Addy patiently explains challenging concepts or terms. She puts her best effort into every assignment and actively participates in the school community through activities such as choir, LEGO Robotics, and Speak-Up Club. Addy consistently demonstrates what it means to be a Knight, being safe, responsible, respectful, and Christ-centered.

Congratulations May 2017 Students of the Month!

Zion Shines  – Pre-kindergarten

Zion has an intrinsic interest in animals all over the world.   He has kept this interest throughout the whole school year.  He can name various kinds of sharks and other sea creatures that are not heard about often.  Students, Zion is a great example to you!  Learn more and more about subjects that interest you!  Making good grades is great, but exploring subjects that you are passionate about is even more wonderful!  Zion, thank you for sharing your curiosity and zeal for knowledge with us!

Sahyun Bey– Kindergarten

Sahyun is a happy, bright, young lady that comes to school ready to learn.  She takes her school work seriously and always takes pride in each assignment.  She is always willing to be a helper and will do her job correctly.  Sahyun follows directions for her work and will help others if needed.

Helen Hernandez – First Grade

Helen is a very responsible and reserved first grader who always tries hard to do her best.  She uses kind words when speaking to others and is always ready to lend a helping hand.  She is honest and respectful on a daily basis.  She takes a lot of pride in her work and shows effort to be a quiet leader.

Ty’Janae Jackson – Second Grade

Ty’Janae works hard in class each day. She is positive even if something seems difficult at first. She then continues to work until she gets it. She is motivated and always willing to help others. Ty’Janae treats her teachers and peers with kindness and respect. Her positive attitude lifts our classroom spirit. Ty’Janae has been a joy to work with this year.

Darrell Vaughan – Third Grade

Darrell is eager to participate and always has his hand in the air especially during science class. His wonderful sense of humor makes his classmates smile each and every day. Darrell has a great attitude and remains positive in all situations. Keep up the good work Darrell!

Jose Martinez-Banda – Fourth Grade

Jose is a great kid. He likes to hunt with his father and he knows a lot about animals. He is a jokester and all around good guy. He works hard and is also very kind. Jose and I often have conversations in Spanish that are very funny about chili and cheesecake. I’m glad he is a part of our fourth grade family.

Campbell Best – Fifth Grade

Campbell is an outstanding student in the House of Saint Joan of Arc.  Joining our family two years ago, she has been on Honor Roll throughout this school year. She enjoys being involved in several activities such as playing the ukulele, riding her bike, playing lacrosse, cooking for her family, reading, learning new things and entertaining her little sister, Page, who is also a student at All Saints.  Campbell is well liked by her peers and teachers.  She is a model of being safe, respectful and responsible to others.

Tiffany Lee –  Sixth Grade

Tiffany is a wonderful example of an All Saints Knight.  She is kind, caring, compassionate, and funny.  Always willing to lend a helping hand and bright smile, Tiffany exemplifies a student who is safe, respectful, and responsible.  She has made outstanding efforts academically and is seeing lots of success in classes during the fourth quarter.  The middle school team is so glad Tiffany joined the Class of 2019.  She is a ray of sunshine!

Analy Amado-Limon- Seventh Grade

Analy  is our 7th Grade Student of the Month for the many gifts that she brings daily to All Saints Catholic School. Academically, the middle school team has watched Analy grow and challenge herself this year. She is a diligent student that is dedicated to her studies and is always looking for ways to improve upon herself as a student. Aside from academics, Analy is a bright, shinning face to have in class. She brings joy to her teachers and her classmates through her personality, laughter, and smile. She has gotten involved in various activities, such as the Speak Up Club and the middle school girls basketball team. Congratulations to Analy for being such a safe, responsible, and respectful student!

Ryan Herrell – Eighth Grade

As he approaches the final weeks of his eighth grade year at All Saints Catholic School, Ryan has continued to set a powerful example for his peers and classmates. In the classroom, Ryan is attentive and respectful to all of his teachers and classmates. He regularly earns high marks in his classes, performing well on tests, quizzes and projects. A keen listener with a calm presence, Ryan lets you know from the moment you begin speaking that what you have to say is important. Additionally, Ryan works well with his peers on assignments and offers to provide help when needed. He also routinely earns all of his HABITS points, demonstrating what it means to be safe, respectful,
and responsible. Congratulations Ryan and best of luck in your new adventures in high school!

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